The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) submitted to public consultation a draft resolution on the establishment of a regulatory sandbox within ANTT, designed to foster the development of innovative solutions for land service provision and regulation.

Public Audience n.º 2/2022 from the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) seeks to collect public contributions on a draft resolution and a preliminary regulatory impact analysis (RIA) concerning the establishment of a regulatory sandbox within ANTT, i.e., an experimental regulatory environment comprised of especial, limited and exclusive regulatory conditions designed to foster innovation in the provision and regulation of land transport services.

ANTT’s regulatory sandbox proposal applies to companies providing land transport services under ANTT oversight (e.g., concessionaires and permittees) that fulfill the conditions for participation provided in articles 8 to 11 of the draft resolution. According to the preliminary RIA, the regulatory sandbox seeks to enable the testing of new products and innovative services by selected companies and the testing of innovative regulatory solutions by ANTT.

Contributions can be submitted through ANTT’s website until May 4. The preliminary RIA, draft resolution, and more information are available on that website. The audience was held on April 13, whose recording is available here. ANTT expects the publication of the new resolution by September 2022.